What Factors affect freight rates?

Freight rates are an important part of the transportation
industry, as they determine how much it will cost to move goods from one place
to another. There are several factors that can affect the amount you pay for
shipping goods, including shipping distance, type of cargo, size of the
shipment, and any additional services requested. For example, a longer shipping
distance will typically involve higher freight rates than a shorter one.

The type of cargo you are shipping can also affect the
freight rate, as hazardous materials may require additional safety measures and
thus incur more costs. Additionally, the size of the shipment can also play a
role in freight rates, as larger shipments may require more resources to
transport. Lastly, if you need additional services such as tracking or special
handling of the cargo, the cost of freight will also increase. When considering
freight rates, it is important to take all these factors into account.