Three Trends in Warehousing and Distribution for Changing Times

We all know that
because of the coronavirus pandemic, the trends in warehouse and distribution
channels are changing rapidly. People are fulfilling their requirements and
getting their required products through online orders.

The following are
three trends that may help you to move your business forward with confidence.

  1. Surging Online Orders Is Putting Pressure on Fulfillment and

The pandemic has
accelerated the transition by companies to buy and sell online. In fact,
according to a survey by on-demand warehousing provider Ware2Go, more than half
(55%) of Americans are now purchasing a wider range of products online in
addition to buying from websites they didn’t spend with before COVID-19.

Online trends aren’t
only limited to retailers. Reports said that in the UK, e-commerce growth has
been accelerating. The April 2020 surgery indicates that B2B e-commerce
accounted for 46% of business-to-business spending.

  • Don’t Put All of Your Eggs in One Basket

Changes in buyer
demand, exacerbated by the disruption of COVID-19, increase the need for
companies to build greater flexibility into their supply chains.

Even if your main
warehouse is operating fine, UPS experts agree that it makes sense to plan for
the worst. They suggest spreading inventory across multiple facilities to help
guard against future lockdowns triggered by the pandemic.

warehousing also helps companies better respond to seasonal surges and other
periods of peak demand.

  • The Rise of Automated Warehousing Technology

From optimized storage
to streamlined packing, technology has long had a role to play in the modern
warehouse—and recent events may only be accelerating its adoption.

It is said by an
expert, “By truly understanding what it costs to move and store product,
customers can become more effective in choosing their sourcing providers and
even setting pricing,”