It takes effort and a planned strategy to become a company
where employees want to work.  

To attract and retain the talents, the following steps work

• The
purpose and values of the firm: Instead of just employing an individual to
substitute another, fill jobs by identifying your company’s key
competencies and values. 

• Create a
culture centered on employees: first and foremost, to value a perfect
work-life balance, provide your employees a flexible working schedule. Secondly
providing them with valuable opportunities such as on-the-job training and
prospective promotions. Thirdly, show them your gratitude through employee
recognition, performance benefits, and comfortable working

• Recruitment
of employees implies: happy employees are often stuck longer and aid in
recruiting top talents by demonstrating the best possible hiring they may
be delighted with. Small Incentives such as cards, cash bonuses, or additional
time off, to refer you also motivate your staff to support you in
attracting outstanding talents. 

• Go out and
meet people: The best method to find a potential candidate is to meet a
possible recruit in person and a meeting even before their application is
a bonus in this. If they know the opportunity you offer in advance, they
will more likely to collaborate with you in the future.  Campus
recruitment can potentially offer future talent pipelines. Connect with
applicants through job fairs, events, and internships, etc. 

• Online
Connect: – You may also attract top candidates by publishing a lot of
business information like clips, corporate photographs, and
employee testimonials on your channels and websites. Although the
recruitment does possess high competition, however, the greatest talents
may still be attracted and retained by building and promoting an
atmosphere that they desire to work in.