The Growth of Supply Chain Computing

Change, especially changes in technology, is the only constant in the supply chain. Over the years, new technologies from robotics and automation to on-demand transportation and open IT platforms have had a significant impact on supply chains.

Ever since the invention of the very first mainframe computers, businesses have attempted to integrate the many solutions technology offers to their supply-chain challenges. This created changes in the way goods and services are shipped from manufacturers to consumers.

How Have Computers Changed the Supply Chain?

Here are some changes and benefits technology has brought to the supply chain:

  1. Greater transparency

Advances in digital communication technology have allowed for quicker and easier communication between businesses and their customers. Today’s technology allows for enhanced delivery and visibility for customers.

As a result of this, their needs and expectations have also increased with regards to response, delivery times, and transparency they receive. In the future, it is expected that new technologies will lead to further changes in the way supply chains currently operate.

  1. Faster Processes

The creation of quicker and easier modes of communication has resulted in improved operations and faster processes. Modern software has dramatically improved the supply chain creating more efficient ways to communicate essential information and work with team members.

In the future, technologies like automation and robotics will be used to streamline the supply chain even further, resulting in an even faster process.

  1. Greater efficiency

Asides from making the supply chain faster, modern technology has also made it more efficient. Modern businesses can manage their labor, capture necessary data, reduce warehouse losses, and monitor resources with real-time stock checking software.

With the creation of even better warehousing and transport systems; in the future, it is expected that supply chains of the future will be even more efficient than those we have today.

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