Retain and Manage Talent during COVID-19

Talent is difficult to harness and retain properly, but the
COVID-19 pandemic has raised its stakes substantially. At the time of COVID-19,
employees of many companies have started working from their homes, some people
were fired or were given leave for a few months and people are very worried
about their future. Businesses need to roll out with the help of new
technologies and so that your business can grow.

You have to create a safe working
environment for your employee
: You have to create a safe working
environment for your employee: Overnight, safety became the top workplace
priority for every company. And while employees working from home will manage
their workplace safety on their own, most companies do still have some
employees coming to work, and many others are struggling with how to do so

Focus on clear communication and
In times of uncertainty, you need to be transparent
with your employees. For this, the employees have to accept you, only then they
will work keeping in mind the leadership of the company.

Be flexible wherever possible: Flexibility to do business
has become a more valuable component than ever before. This can mean anything
from setting flexible hours to allowing employees to manage their work-life
balance in a very different way.