Over a third of US households shopped with Amazon on Prime Day

Amazon is one of the
principal e-commerce websites across the globe. It has favorably gained the
confidence of its customer. Amazon comes up with diverse proposals every day
but on occasional days, it has influential offers which push every buyer to
acquire one or the other thing even if they don’t necessitate it just because
the cost reduces as the offer affixes with the article. One of the offers named
Prime day appears every year and each year the number of buyers and revenue
from this offer has expanded but this time it has broken all the previous
record and witnessed a growth of 36% of
shoppers who shopped from amazon on a prime day in 2020 in the United States
while it was merely 26% in 2019.

Here are some of the reasons behind the climbing of numbers

Excessive order: US citizens didn’t hesitate
from ordering and ordered not one or two but multiple articles on the prime day
which promoted the sales on that  day.
They had done shopping for the holiday by simply sitting at home with amazon.

Offers by retailers: Retailers used prime
messages, codes, and offers this year. Almost more than 17% of retailers
introduced offers which led people to purchase unnecessary items as they were
getting them at cheap valuations.

While Walmarts and other
e-commerce sites also launch various offers, amazon did fabulous work. Pandemic
has pushed the people to lock inside and they were not allowed to move out.
Moreover, the shops weren’t open  to
shop. In such a scenario, amazon prime day has brought an opportunity for shoppers
to shop openly and freely that too at an effective cost. The beginning of prime
day marks the commencement of holidays, the gifts shopping during this
phase  progressed rapidly adding to the
number of sales .