OSHA’s top warehouse safety risks

Whenever we think about the
safety of the people working in the warehouse, then we have to keep many things
in mind. Often slips and falls in warehouses and operating heavy equipment have
become common; sometimes it involves taking risks. Keeping health and safety in
mind, pay attention to some safety issues to avoid accidents in warehouses and
protect yourself while working on time.

The Occupational Safety and
Health Administration (OSHA) play an important role in dealing with warehouse
workers problems. It is a government agency that works to keep the people
working in the warehouse safe.

: People working inside warehouses often have to
face accidents due to power problems. You can suffer electrical shock if you
are exposed to line-to-ground faults while working on any equipment.

wearing appropriate
clothing and equipment:
workers should always use protective eyewear, goggles, gloves and breathing

fall of any equipment: Working in a warehouse simply means that you
have to lift a long pile of material many times which may fall at times. Proper
stacking should be arranged for the workers inside the warehouse so that there
is no damage due to falling of goods.

HEAT OUT: It is often seen that due to heavy work,
an employee suffers heat stroke or heat exhaustion. For this, a great low speed
fan or HVLS has to be there.

LACK OF SAFETY TRAINING: All the workers working in the warehouse
should get all the information related to their safety.

WORK LONG HOURS: Many other types of diseases can arise in
the employees working for a long time inside the warehousing due to fatigue and
not sleeping well. This should be given to the managers in full.