New Joiners as a Employee and how to deal with them

Whenever a new employee joins your company, he looks very
excited. In the early days they are concerned about the people they will
interact with and the work they will do. As an HR professional, it is your job to
welcome your new employees and prepare them for the times ahead. Common sources
of fear in this initial phase of the job have to be identified and it is also
important to help new employees get through them. Your work starts the same way
when you sign the offer letter – you need to build a strong relationship with
the new employee so they feel comfortable enough to ask questions.

Let us look at some common employee fears, let us understand
why these fears arise in the first place.

Fear in New Joiners
in Company

Change keeps everyone very scared in the initial days.
Whether you’re starting an online business or reporting on your first day at
work in a new organization, your primary goal is to make your work loved by

Will your ideas gain
importance in the new work culture?

Every company has its own unique work culture. Each place
determines it in its own way, while others encourage the open exchange of ideas
at every opportunity.