Modern Automation and Job Security in the Warehouse

The rise of automation is transforming virtually every aspect of the modern-day warehouse and distribution center operations. This is not unexpected as the rise of e-commerce has necessitated that warehouses provide unprecedented levels of efficiency and speed of order fulfillment.

Warehouse headhunters NJ has also found that the rising cost of labor is a factor in the push for greater automation. However, the implications of the growing demand for automation for human workers remain uncertain.

Factors promotion the adoption of automation

The rising cost of labor is the primary factor in the push for greater adoption of automation in the warehouse. Factors such as the national unemployment rates declines and the minimum wage increases are shortening the time to return on investment from automation.

Just a few years ago, the payback time of an average automated system could be four to five years but with the labor costs increasing, the time to ROI is closer to three years. There is a strong case for automation as these new systems improve accuracy, security, and inventory management.

Recruitment firm distribution centers NYC has found that robotics has the most direct impact on the human workforce in today’s warehouses and this has led to a led to a sharp reduction in staffing.

Promoting a human-automation environment

Other industries have gone through the process of deciding on the best workforce, but the choice isn’t necessarily limited to one of robots or humans. The best jobs are those that create an environment in which man and machine work side by side respecting their natural strengths.

Automated systems can also upgrade a warehouse management system processes and reduce the cost of business giving them more money to invest in people. So, instead of adopting an “us vs. them” attitude towards automation, it could help to think about how it can make you work quicker and more efficiently.

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