Job titles in the warehouse

Shipping companies, distribution centers, and manufacturers are three types of industries that make use of supply chain recruiters and warehouse operations management recruitment firm distribution centers NYC. Job titles in the warehouse usually range from general entry-level positions to highly skilled professional titles that require training and experience. We have created this guide for jobseekers to help them navigate the many types of careers available in warehouses.

What does a warehouse worker do?

People with different warehouse job titles often perform different tasks. However, the majority of warehouse workers are involved in the movement of goods and materials to and from production or storage areas, delivery vehicles, and loading docks. Below are some common job titles supplied by warehouse staffing agencies in NJ and their descriptions:

1. Shipping and Receiving associate

Shipping and receiving associates in the warehouse are usually responsible for preparing and fulfilling orders, loading and unloading pallets, processing outbound and inbound shipments, and organizing and maintaining storage, receiving, and shipping areas. Their responsibilities may also include:

  • Counting inventory
  • Pulling orders and materials from appropriate bins
  • Inspecting material for quality
  • Tracking document and orders
  • Packing shipping boxes and containers

2. Material handler

Material handlers are responsible for moving pallets or raw materials to production lines and moving the finished products to the warehouse or shipping containers. They usually do this using several hand trucks or motorized equipment, including stand up forklifts, counterbalance forklifts, cherry-pickers, and clamp and reach forklifts. This job title often requires a good knowledge of using industrial pallet jacks, lift trucks, and other material handling tools and equipment. A material handler may be required to have:

  • Basic reading and math skills
  • Mechanical aptitude
  • Prior experience with automatic and manual packaging machines, scales, and printing devices

3. Warehouse specialist

Warehouse specialists are basically seasoned professionals who are experienced in all areas of warehouse work, from inventory control roles to order picking, shipping and receiving, and others. These individuals must be certified in operating and driving many different types of motorized warehouse equipment.

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