Can Amazon still increase their market share in 2022?

Amazon is one of our e-commerce worlds that got a big
boost during the COVID-19 pandemic. For example, its Q4 2020 earnings of $125.6
billion were higher than Wall Street forecast of $119.7 billion: for that
period, the company saw earnings growth of 42% (The Motley Fool, 2021).

The increase is believed to come on the tail of $4
billion spending for coronavirus measures. This shows that not only does Amazon
have the foresight to build today’s e-commerce, but the earth-shaking events
pave the way for its retail shopping supremacy.

Thus, if you’re actively selling online, keeping up with Amazon
trends is not an option: it’s downright compulsory. It does not matter in which
sector you do marketing, whether it is in the retail or music world. Whatever
work Amazon is doing for its customers; it affects you in one way or another.