Big Opportunity in B2B Marketing Recruitment

B2B marketing recruitment has become the fastest growing
marketing segment today. Many years ago, calls and emails from B2B’ers
accounted for perhaps a quarter of my searches. Today, half of my entire
practice is B2B, and there have been only a few times this year that it reached
three-quarters or more. B2 B’s buying process has been turned upside down

According to
my discovery, if a food manufacturer shows his interest in e-business with us
for his customers, then it will be very profitable in relation to business.
Today, many individual companies are consuming products and services online,
“and telling people they prefer to do business that way.”

All this
work does not depend on the CIO alone. It all stems from a series of meetings
at the highest levels of the company’s executive branch. They have already been
transacting online for many years, so we are not talking about a seismic
cultural shift here, but this particular manufacturer to market the product through
thousands of distributors, dealers, and wholesalers.