5 Creative Ways to Tackle the Truck Driver Shortages

Drivers are the backbone of the logistics industry and are responsible for the safe delivery of goods from one place to another. However, not many people are attracted to the job role of being a professional driver and there are many reasons. Here are the 5 tips to overcome truck driver shortages:

Raise the salary

You won’t be surprised by our first tip: money attracts talent. In a truck driver shortage, wages rise. Many trucking companies hiked driver pay to as much as $80,000. Amazon implemented a 20% pay increase for its Prime program drivers.

Hiring Female Drivers

Studies show that only 2% of truck drivers globally are women and all countries surveyed saw the percentage of women truck drivers fall. Globally speaking, as per statistics, truck driving has largely remained a male-dominated profession. However, to reduce driver shortage, the industry is looking at ways to attract a new young and diverse workforce, including the employment of women, younger people, and ethnic minorities.

Seek Ways to Deal With Fluctuating Demand

You can still pay drivers on variable factors like per mile or percentage of the load, but you need to have minimums in place so drivers know they’re going to take home at least a certain amount every week.
While Fielkow stresses employers need to implement these changes, he concedes it can be an uphill battle in an industry where demand fluctuates often.

Offer Amenities

Adjusting the amenities and perks offered to drivers is another proven strategy. While it may seem minor, a change from in-cab satellite TV to streaming services such as Netflix or Hulu on tablets and mobile Wi-Fi can enhance the appeal.

Utilize the latest tech

Invest in technology that will improve your hiring process as well as your drivers’ day-to-day operations to combat the truck driver shortage.
[6:13 pm, 28/12/2021] Sulekha Content Writer: Cold Weather Fashion 2021

Not overly complicated or fussy, this winter’s trends are all about adaptability. If there’s one thing we can say about this year’s winter fashion trends, it’s that they were created to be mood lifters. With a plethora of options to explore, the only thing you’ll have to worry about is which trend to start with.

Geometry Class
Look instantly pulled together by throwing on a power-printed jacket. Not in the mood for chit-chat? One of these will do all of the talking for you. Bold colors and shapes create standout prints that will instantly add joy to your winter wardrobe.

Keen to get out of that loungewear you’ve spent the last eighteen months wearing but aren’t ready to let go of your reliance on comfort? Say no more. Layering your favorite cozy knits atop or below your fancier eveningwear will not only render them far more comfortable but also a much more versatile daytime option.

Color Clash

Traditional fashion rules are currently being challenged, as both our Instagram feeds and the runways have convinced us that maybe a combination of saturated hues isn’t such a bad idea. Pink and neon orange, purple and sunshine yellow, green and cobalt blue—the opportunities are endless.

Double Duty

It may come as a surprise to you that we suggest pairing your favorite skirt with tailored trousers, but hear us out. After spotting the trend on the runways, on street style stars, and in celebrity snaps, we’re on board. The added length that flared pants bring elongates your body and adds versatility to your wardrobe. You can wear your skirts and dresses year-round with this simple styling hack.
Solo Saturation
It’s time to go bold with your color this autumn, but unlike recent seasons where clashing shades have reigned supreme. It’s all about keeping your look monosyllabic.