3PLogistics warehousing expands strongly in 2020

With the foundation of
advanced technology and heightened access to these technologies among common
people, the business that is adapting to the changes is flourishing effectively
and anticipated that these will proceed to prosper in the coming future. The
idea of taking the business online and providing ease to customers by
delivering the products at their doorstep is what made the companies survive
and flourish even during the period of the pandemic.

Some businesses faced
the calamitous consequences of the pandemic in 2020 while others who were
already selling online or adapted with online selling have seen a boom in their
sales. 3PL logistic warehousing expanded exponentially in 2020 due to the
following factors :

The peak in online consumer: Pertaining
lockdown, people were forced to stay at home which gradually pushed the
consumers to shop online from minor articles to major ones. With the huge shift
of offline consumers online, the movement of e-commerce websites for delivering
the goods at less span increased which urged them to hire 3PL logistic
warehousing for transporting products.

Increased demand: The online demand for
consumer items developed rapidly which made it super difficult for the
e-commerce websites to meet it as the warehouses didn’t have enough space to
keep the extra demanded items. The warehousing industry faced space constraints
during the period as the immediate items which was supposed to deliver was more
than the space available to keep them. 3PL logistic warehousing came in handy
during such phase and rendered assistance in the delivery of items to consumers
as well as keeping the records and track of items.

With the e-commerce
expansion, supply chain, warehouses, and logistics department have experienced
accelerated growth as their function have a major role in delivering the
products to customer in the minimum possible duration of time.

2020 has been a boon for
3PL logistic warehousing companies as it served them a chance to extend. Some
surveys conducted have shown that 3PL logistic warehousing had grown double in