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Smaller is big in new e-commerce fulfillment warehouses

Ecommerce business is widely contingent on few aspects which are web presence, customer-based approach, sales ratio and one of the pivotal role isplayedby fulfillment warehouse. Though, earlier it was claimed that the big space is better for the functioning. But on the contrary, this is not the case currently. Presently, smooth operations relies on efficient…

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Optimizing LTL (Less than a Truckload) shipments

When it comes to the transportation of small freights, then LTL (less than a truckload) is the best way as it is economical and is not like FTL (full truckload). In simple words, it’s a shipment of freights that is less than a full truckload and bigger than a box. Moreover, it’s a crucial procedure…

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3PLogistics warehousing expands strongly in 2020

With the foundation of advanced technology and heightened access to these technologies among common people, the business that is adapting to the changes is flourishing effectively and anticipated that these will proceed to prosper in the coming future. The idea of taking the business online and providing ease to customers by delivering the products at…

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