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Localizing your supply chain

STANDARDIZATION ETHIC If we search around the world, multinational companies are winning customers by creating products and campaigns that appeal to local populations. Their priority is to create an experience that feels more authentic and develop products that have a region-specific appeal. What brand chains do? Chains like Starbucks and McDonald’s grew their revenue with…

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Fast-Tracking Warehouse Automation

COVID-19 is demonstrating the vital role that logistics plays in modern societies. Increasing customer demands and expectations are calling for flexible, 24-hour distribution solutions from all supply chains. Labor market challenges and slow adoption of digital technologies are preventing companies from achieving the speed and agility they need to be competitive in this market. As…

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Three Trends in Warehousing and Distribution for Changing Times

We all know that because of the coronavirus pandemic, the trends in warehouse and distribution channels are changing rapidly. People are fulfilling their requirements and getting their required products through online orders. The following are three trends that may help you to move your business forward with confidence. Surging Online Orders Is Putting Pressure on…

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